• Praça D. Maria II, 1414 – 1º andar . 4760-111 Vila Nova de Famalicão
  • Seg. a Sex. 7:30 – 19:00 Sábado 7:30 – 19:00

Qualidade e Segurança

Asseguramos que os cuidados de saúde que prestamos são adequados, eficazes, seguros, baseados na evidência e nos mais elevados padrões de boa prática.

Acordos e Convenções

SNS, ADSE e todos os sistemas de saúde públicos e seguradoras (Consultar condições junto das nossas instalações)

Especialistas por Experiência

A Clínica Novais utiliza tecnologia de ponta e emprega uma equipe de verdadeiros especialistas.

Sobre a nossa clínica…

Somos pioneiros na saúde…

A Novais Clinics apresenta-se como um espaço clínico de prestígio e de elevado nível de qualidade em pleno centro de Famalicão. O atendimento personalizado focado nas necessidades do paciente e na qualidade do serviço prestado permitiu a criação e fidelização de uma base de clientes significativa.
A parceria com os laboratórios do AveLab, já há alguns anos, permitiu à Clínica ter um posto de recolha, dotando o espaço de um serviço requerido pelos doentes existentes e potenciando novos clientes noutros serviços.
Nesse sentido, já posicionados como clínica de referência na área pediátrica e oftalmológica, os parceiros alavancaram outras especialidades, como Medicina Dentária, Medicina do Rejuvenescimento, Cardiologia, Ginecologia, Otorrinolaringologia, Nutrição, Pedologia, Psicologia, Fisioterapia e Tratamentos Estéticos, Saúde e bem estar, através da sua posição no mercado e da carteira de clientes que detém, mantendo os meus níveis e padrões de qualidade através da selecção assertiva de médicos por especialidade.

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Mais sobre


Oferecemos o melhor tratamento de fisioterapia.

Serviço de emergência

Competência, agilidade e profissionalismo na prestação de serviços estão no centro de tudo o que fazemos por si.

Médicos Bem Qualificados

Temos médicos profissionais bem formados e qualificados.

Equipa Profissional

Temos membros especializados em várias áreas.

Por que os pacientes nos recomendam

Bem vindo a familia
Novais Clinic

Com uma equipe clínica cuidadosamente selecionada, atualmente temos uma ampla gama de serviços para nossos clientes:

Cuidados com os olhos

Temos os melhores equipamentos para tratar adequadamente seus olhos com resultados perfeitos.

Consultas de emergência

Temos os melhores equipamentos para tratar adequadamente seus olhos com resultados perfeitos.


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Medicina Desportiva

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Exames de Diagonóstico

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Loja Médica Online

Paciente FELIZ

O que dizem os nossos pacientes

Os Nossos Serviços

O Nosso Departamento Médico

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Artigos e Notícias

Believe ‘s the Foundation of The Great Relationships

Believe ‘s the Foundation of The Great Relationships

To build rather than Breasts new rely upon your own and you may elite dating, as a minimum, you ought to realize these types of cuatro laws

A guy is entering the latest shower just as their spouse was completing the woman shower if doorbell rang. After a couple of mere seconds off arguing more which is going and you will answer the new doorbell, the new spouse threw in the towel, rapidly wrapped by herself within the a bath towel and you can ran downstairs. Whenever she established the door, there stood Expenses, the following-door neighbors. Ahead of she said a word, Costs told you, “I am going to make you $800 to decrease that fabric you may have into.”

Shortly after convinced if you will, her dropped the lady cloth and stood indeed there naked. After a few moments, Bill given the girl $800 and remaining. Baffled, however, thinking about her fortune, their re also-covered herself about fabric and went back upstairs. Whenever she returned towards bathroom, her partner asked from the bath, “Who was you to definitely?” She replied, “It had been Costs, next-door neighbor.”

You will think which is some time comedy, or even the tale might even leave you a while angry. And a few simple points give a lot more existence so you’re able to a love than believe, and some basic things that destroy off dating easier than a shortage out-of trust.

Individuals who sound as well “certain” or seem to “know it all” change us regarding … because the naturally, we realize one no person can know everything you. In fact, the new “know it alls” get a hold of which have a greasy, slimy “car salesman” persona.

C. of set the latest phase for the majority positively sexy intercourse…practically

C. of set the latest phase for the majority positively sexy intercourse…practically

Staying the brand new A. “Sweating raises the creation of pheromones, toxins designed by one’s body to attract and you will arouse the best mate,” claims Kathleen Duffy, a scent specialist in addition to manager away from Herbarium, an organic store from inside the Massachusetts. “Therefore amplifying the novel smell through perspiring tend to change your towards.”

Kegels aren’t the only toning exercise just be undertaking in order to optimize your pleasure down there. D., writer of Find Your own Sensual Prospective.

A disposition Studying Can tell you Just what Vibes Your’re Emitting

A disposition Studying Can tell you Just what Vibes Your’re Emitting

You have observed auras already (don’t get worried, we will establish her or him into the a good sec for those who have not). And you also probs along with discover you can find genuine anybody nowadays that will read their mood to you and you can reveal all of the about it (again, we will define). You have also acquired your vibe snap and you can viewed that the temper are blue otherwise reddish or environmentally friendly.

Ok, do you know what a spirits is actually, however, do you know how it all works?! Read on. Generally, it’s such an IRL identification test drive it that you do not now have when planning on taking (!): huge profit for everyone. Allow us to change your existence that have all you need to realize about feeling readings as well as how they work.

Why don’t we start by the fundamentals: Just what TF is actually a disposition?

A state of mind is defined as an electromagnetic career that encompasses good man or woman’s system that will be of this the time-although it does indeed end up being *seen* from the particular some one, it can be *felt* because of the individuals. (Getting your vibe understand is simply this new OG variety of a feeling take a look at.) Auras will be contagious, that’s the reason you begin feeling a lot more happy if you’re as much as individuals that a confident, upbeat individual and why you become awesome freaking strained when you’re up to anybody having an entire bummer.

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